IDEA: Small Intestine Condom

Since weight loss has always been a struggle, I have tried to come up with ideas on how to battle the fat. One of my old ideas was a tapeworm clinic. You get a tapeworm “put in”, your symptoms get treated as you eat whatever you want, then when the desired weight loss has happened, you get the tapeworm removed. Since I came up with that idea in my teens, I have learned that the tapeworm eggs get into your muscles. So, maybe not such a good idea.

One of my other ideas was having a “condom” of sorts from your stomach sphincter that would reach halfway down your small intestine (10-ish feet), to stop your body from absorbing some the food you are digesting. The “ring” part in the stomach would be too big for the hole, so food would just travel down it. Like a female condom. Your body would squeeze the food down, then when it reached the end of the “condom”, you would then get some of the nutrients. Since you are overeating, anyway, you would possibly get a “normal” amount of nutrients.

I will happily be a tester for this. Right before I go to a buffet somewhere.