Remote Display for WM6-Non Touchscreen Version

A friend needed Remote Display for a Windows Mobile 6 phone (Motorola 9Qh) and when installing it, I had an issue. The phone stated that it wasn’t made for that phone. Undaunted, I copied the CERTDISPLAY executable file from another phone (~16KB) to this phone and voila! It started right up! Download REMOTE DISPLAY:Remote Display …

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Record/Tape/CD Clubs

I ran across an article today on how Columbia House and BMG made money on those record clubs. ( This brought back some great memories of getting the 11 free albums in the mail! (Remember, kids, you couldn’t always download music for free!) The interesting thing I learned in this article was that Columbia House …

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Unpleasantville… Is this a real movie?

I was looking through the free music on amazon and found the music from the movie “Unpleasantville”. It’s free for the whole album, if you’d like some Harry Potter-esque music. So I looked it up on, and found that it was a real movie, and it was supposedly released in early 2010. Amazon …

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Mister Chase – Addicted – FREE!

I usually don’t like new music, especially from guys, but I happened to run across this FREE tune on I have never heard of this guy before, but once I heard “you’re adic-dic-dic ted”, I was hooked! It’s typical current dancepop, but the guy’s “wet chorus” George Michael/Bon Jovi-esque voice makes this an interesting …

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Another Brilliant Video! Memory Tapes – “Yes I Know”

Browsing through videos, I ran across this. The band Memory Tapes’ video for “Yes I Know”. It looks like someone named Eric Epstein put this together and it’s brilliant! Weird, innovative, haunting. This is another example of a video that “looks” like what the song “sounds” like.   Memory Tapes “Yes I Know” from Najork …

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Interesting Inventions-Keyless Car Door Lock Opener

I ran across this on ebay: Here’s how it works. After installing it, if you lock yourself out, you knock your pin number on your window and it will unlock the door. Let’s hope someone doesn’t ride by playing loud techno music!