Ghosts – How to debunk videos of ghosts

Even though the title says ghosts, this is going to go for spirits, entities, demons, zombies, etc.

I have had true spirit encounters, and I have seen numerous people online saying they have, and I would say 99% are BS. I want to put here some of my tell-tale signs of spotting fake videos of ghosts.

The most obvious way to tell if an entity is real is to see whether it has clothes on. Your clothing does not have a “spirit”, so the clothes don’t “die” and then come back to haunt you. So, watching an entity in a shroud or with victorian clothing is crap.

Then we have the “everything is blurry in the video except for the face of the entity”. Edited.

Ghosts don’t need to peer around corners.

Ghosts don’t have a retina for light to bounce off of. Those lit up eyes are fake.

Light does not “hit” ghosts. They aren’t going to be lit up or cast shadows.

If someone hears a noise in a video and then goes to investigate without turning all the lights on, it’s fake.

If someone is doing “paranormal research”, something happens, screams and runs, then it’s fake. Why would you leave the scene of the very thing you are researching and trying to prove real?

If you are truly scared out of your mind, you won’t be hitting the record button on your cell phone. If you have already had the crap scared out of you, you may be able to do it if something happens regularly.

Mind you, there are plenty more, but since I have truly had encounters, I hate these fake videos. It doesn’t do justice to the real thing.