Why Bitcoin Fluctuates So Much

The Bitcoin market fluctuates so much from day to day. Why?

Imagine if you had a large sum of money to play with. All you have to do is say something bad about banning Bitcoin, wait for the market to drop and then buy up quite a bit, wait a few days and sell it off for a huge, untraceable profit.

My Weird New Year’s Eve And The Village People Fallout

As anyone who knows me knows, I am very political when it comes to music. I am all for free speech because it lays the cards on the table. You know who you are dealing with. Remember the Dixie Chicks? They said what they wanted to say and people stopped buying their music. So, there is a price to be paid for free speech. Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness and I stopped listening to his music. Whitney went off the deep end and that ended my respect. Mariah, well… when she left Tommy, she started making music that I didn’t like. And lastly, Boy George. I was a die hard fan of his and went a concert in the late 90s and he said during the concert, “Some people are here on an 80’s pilgrimage. Well, the 80’s are over! O-V-A-H over!” That ended my fandom. If you are ungrateful of the way you are even where you are, then you don’t deserve to be there.

Flash forward to New Year’s Eve.

I had seen an ad for Village People coming to a casino in South Florida, and thought, “That might be a good NYE.” I have loved their music for years, and if you have a keen eye, you can tell which one of them I liked the most. The original leatherman has passed away, his name was Glenn. I had dreams of carrying on his legacy. But that’s for my Japanese tour. Back to night.

The pictures flashing on the screen in the casino showed the original “Indian”/Native American, so when the first 5 guys came out and he wasn’t there, I was a bit sad. Then the lead singer came out. The motorcycle cop. He was a bit pudgy, which can be expected due to age.¬† So at this stage, I was quite sad that only one original member was there. The replacement leatherman was a good replacement, but had no rhythm, so I got a kick out of that. Here’s how the evening went:

I was expecting choreographed routines. I was expecting flags during “In The Navy”. I had to lower my expectations because I knew I was not going to enjoy the show if I didn’t. So, I just started enjoying the songs. I was actually surprised that the lead singer, Victor Willis, had the chops for the songs. He actually sounded like the original recordings. Here’s where it got weird. He was kind of “out of it”. Almost like he was sleepy. Walked back and forth across the stage with his head down and before every song, he proclaimed that he “wrote and recorded the original version of that” “on almost every song” he was the vocals and wrote that… I said to myself, “ok, we get it. You wrote the songs.” As a songwriter myself, I understand the need for credit where credit is due, but he was going a bit overboard. He also seemed like he didn’t really have a plan, as he kept asking the guys, “what should we do”?

His performance was akin that that of someone’s grandfather doing a karaoke routine. No matter what follows in this article, you and I have to respect the fact that he did write and record tunes that have withstood the test of time.

Now on to the next day.

I was chatting with someone and telling them the weird story and wanted to look up Village People on the web, so I could put my name in the hat if they needed a replacement for the leatherguy. The promo pictures had shown someone different for him, so I figured that they might need another one at some point.

I immediately ran across an article that changed my whole perception of the evening.


It appears that when disco was dying, Victor left the group to try to go in another direction. Ok, your loss. In 2012, supposedly, he sued to get royalties for the music. You wrote it, you should get royalties. I understand. Now here’s where it gets nasty. It seems like he decided to come back to the group this year. I am sure they welcomed him with open arms. (queue up the ominous music) The story states that he came back and “took over” the group. Uh oh. They have been performing without him for 38 years. So, I am sure¬† when he shows up, he tries to throw his weight around, and the current members start retaliating and leaving. He eventually got rid of everyone. He replaced them all. That explains no choreographed routines. That explains why he was the only original one on stage. That explains the constant “I wrote this”.

If I had known of this, I would have not gone to this show. I am torn between what’s right from both sides. I am sure the bitter lawsuit brought this on, and I am sure the 38 years of keeping the name alive was blood sweat and tears, so I can see this from both sides. I really hope they work this out. I am glad I went to see a bit of our history, but am sad that now every song reminds me of this horrible golden girls drama. I won’t be listening to any of their music because of this. Another one bites the dust.

Gordon Ramsay & Anthony Bourdain – Which Is The Bigger A-Hole?

I was speaking with a chef the other day and we were discussing food, of course, and I mentioned Anthony Bourdain’s book about Typhoid Mary. I stated that the book was actually quite interesting, as it poses that Typhoid Mary was not a malicious person, but rather that she was too proud of a cook to admit that she was killing people. Yes, simplified in one sentence, that sounds weird. However, he does make a good point.

At some point, I mentioned that Bourdain was an asshole. The chef asked why I thought that. I had seen maybe one or two shows of his, and read some back Continue reading ‘Gordon Ramsay & Anthony Bourdain – Which Is The Bigger A-Hole?’ »

Boy George & Riz Ahmed/Riz MC – The Same Person?

I got in my car the other day and NPR was on, as usual, and to my surprise, Boy George was being interviewed. I would recognize that voice anywhere. There were mentions of the 80s and DJing, but everything mentioned had a political jaunt to it. They talked about his rapping of a song called “9/11 Blues” and I was confused.
Continue reading ‘Boy George & Riz Ahmed/Riz MC – The Same Person?’ »

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Why I have started clicking on every ad

I have decided to click on every ad I can. For years, I have dutifully tried not to click on ads because they pay for clicks. Recently, though, I accidentally clicked on some clickbait and was pissed off about it, so to make them pay for their crap, I started clicking on clickbait on purpose. (And quickly closing the window, so I wasn’t tempted to read their “story”)

Here’s the flip side to this: it made me realize that I could actually support people’s real efforts by doing the same thing in non-clickbait articles or sites. I will take the extra second to click on an ad in an article I like to support the writer or creator. Genius!

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Hard Times & Art – Why Is It Not Happening Now?

Usually, during hard times or depressing events, lots of art gets made. The best art comes from sadness. A friend mentioned that they are not seeing art being made during this “resident” Trump period. With so many people affected by his every tweet, you would imagine a slew of counter-culture art. But, no.

I think I have a theory as to why we aren’t seeing artwork being churned out.


I have written several pieces here that explain why the country is always going to be at odds, and fear has kept me from publishing these. My fear isn’t from the left or right, it is from the government itself. Other people feel this fear as well, and it stifles creativity.

Also, it is usually the younger generation that creates relevant art, and most people under 40 have been served up a Hilton/Kim/Reality show mind-numbing brain ray since they were born. They don’t create art when they consume it. You never see artists slobbering over other people’s artwork. You choose to be an artist or a critic. If young people had not been poisoned by the water supply since the 80s, they would see the craziness of having 70+ year old white men running the government and they would blog/vlog/tweet, etc. about it. Any woman who didn’t vote for a woman is part of the problem. If Hillary had won, you would have seen empowered women creating female-celebratory music just like the women’s movement of the 60s. Jealousy might be an issue. The reason Obama got voted in was because his base is better at standing up for the greater good of their whole community. They express that through music and art.

If people weren’t fearful, there would be a slew of art installations demanding justice.

Stop being an art consumer and become an artist. Make a statement.

Rick And Morty S03E07 Candidate Morty’s Monologue Season 3 Episode 7

Rick’s Question:
“Candidate Morty, the number of displaced Mortys is soaring while Rick satisfaction levels are plummeting and the divide between the two groups has never been wider. Solve that one real quick.”

Morty’s answer:
“I don’t see a divide between Ricks and Morty’s… You guys finished? The division I see is between the Ricks and Mortys that like the citadel divided… And the rest of us. I see it everywhere I go. I see it in our schools, where they teach Mortys that we’re all the same because they’re threatened by what makes us unique. I see it in our streets, where they give guns to Mortys so we’re too busy fighting each other to fight real injustice. I see it in our factories, where Ricks work for a fraction of their boss’ salary, even though they are identical and have the same IQ. The citadel’s problem isn’t homeless Mortys or outraged Ricks. The citadel’s problem is the Ricks and Mortys feeding on the citadel’s death… But I’ve got a message for them from the Ricks and Mortys keeping it alive. A message from the Ricks and Mortys that believe in this citadel to the Ricks and Mortys that don’t: ‘You’re outnumbered!'”