Fighting Butterflies – An idea I had for a hero group.. like the “rangers”

Years ago, I came up with a new kind of hero group [like a popular “rangers” group]. I pieced together an idea of what the costumes would look like, with a few drawings and sent the idea to Frederator, you know, the cartoon guys… I sent it to them to see if they would be interested in developing it, as, well, you know… money and all that. So, they in a nutshell said, (not maliciously) “all you have are costumes”. It was true. The name comes from something actual-“fighting butterflies” is a term. I wanted to turn butterflies into something males would like.

So, here are sketches I did for this. The emblem on the chest was supposed to represent the tongue of a butterfly. Each character would have a different color and ability. The arrows on this one would indicate their power of… gravity? I still haven’t put any story to this.

This was a VERY early sketch. The wings are serrated on one to give them cutting power, I guess, and the other has pointed wings, which would give him…. stabby power? As you can probably tell, other than wonder woman, I am not familiar with super hero stuff. The red boxes are cutting out personal info. It looks like a censoring box over that one, but it’s not. LOL This sketch is from 2008, so see how long I sit on ideas?