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WordPress chmod 777 Unable To Create Directory Upload Error

If you are getting the “Unable to create directory” error when trying to upload media and have chmodded the uploads directory, this may help. I was having this issue and tried in vain to get this to upload a simple picture. I ended up getting it to work by going into the wp-config file and …

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American Horror Story – Freakshow Season 4

I am excited for another season of American Horror Story! Just like last time, I am doubting the storyline before the show starts. I was pleasantly surprised, though, last season. AHS has been steadily providing good writing along with fantastic actors. So, I will stop biting my nails and hope this season is even better! …

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Switching Carriers – T-Mobile/Sprint/MetroPCS

I have been with T-Mobile for quite a while and I wanted to save some money by switching carriers. I chose MetroPCS because they are owned by T-Mobile and charge a set rate of $60 a month for absolutely unlimited everything. No fees, no taxes, no surcharges, etc. I had been with them for a …

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My New Book – The Wonderful Farmer of Oz – free?

I have just released my short novel, The Wonderful Farmer of Oz as an ebook. It is available on Kindle and with their “kindle unlimited”, there is a trial, so in essence, you can read this (and everything else they have) FREE! This is my backstory for the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion. Here …

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