Culture Club – New Album?!

Over the years, my tastes in music have changed and my passion for “new” music has waned.
One of my biggest musical influences was Culture Club/Boy George. What I really liked from the band was their ability to make every song sound different. That was the 80s mindset. People did not want an album full of clone songs or filler.

I opened youtube today and saw that George had posted a teaser for Culture Club’s “new album”. The last few things George had put out were not to my liking, but the Culture Club album “Don’t Mind If I Do” was amazing. So I pressed play with my hopes not too high.

I actually liked it! I think I really liked the lyrics more so than the song as a whole. But that was the 80s mindset. Write intelligent and interesting lyrics.

So here it is for your listening pleasure. I can’t wait to hear more!