Coffee Maker Wars – Keurig/Tassimo/Nespresso

I love coffee.

I held out for a long time after Keurigs came out to get one. I LOVED it. The convenience of one cup, being able to use my own coffee and the ease of use had me hooked.

Until I found Tassimo.

I wasn’t able to use my own coffee with this machine, but the flavor and the temperature was a Keurig killer. The T-Discs for Tassimo are slightly more expensive, but well worth it. Going back and forth between the two, Keurig has an instant overtone. I was enjoying my Tassimo until it became harder to find the T-Discs in stores.


I have mentioned this before – any product that I really like gets taken off the market. Razors, soap, deodorant, cologne. And now, the slow demise of Tassimo.

I was able to regularly get T-Discs from Bed, Bath & Beyond, but growing weary of having to go there just for the discs. I started ordering them from Tassimo online. They have automatic shipments, if you like.

My supervisor bought a Nespresso machine for us to use and, while it makes good espresso, I would still say the Tassimo espresso is superior. Nespresso ONLY does espresso.

I wanted a true espresso maker that would do everything automatically, so I found Mr. Coffee (!) Cafe Barista at Bed Bath & Beyond for $200. (their ever present 20% off coupon made it $160) This machine is GREAT!! It has a removable container for the milk and it AUTOMATICALLY makes cappuccino and lattes. No more manual frothing.

So, my choice (until I find the combo coffee/espresso/cappuccino machine) is Tassimo for regular coffee and Mr. Coffee’s Cafe Barista for espresso drinks.