i317 AT&T KitKat 4.4.2 DS-NE5v1

How I got this installed on my i317.
After many attempts with other downloads and ROMs, I finally got KitKat (DS-NE5v1) installed and running on my US version of AT&T’S Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (II) i317.

Here is what you need:
Windows PC and Odin Just to install Philz Touch (below)
Philz Touch ( This is a backup/restore utility and installer. You will wonder how you got along without it.)

After installing Philz Touch, you don’t need anything but your phone.


When I first installed this, everything seemed OK until I checked the camera. It would open but then it would say that the camera failed. I couldn’t live without the camera, so I went back to my last backup. I saw that someone else was having the same issue and suggested the “ne5 back to stock camera” that was on the same page as DS-NE5V1 Rom. So I tried that as well. No luck.
Back to my old OS. Found that someone suggested downloading another camera app from the play store. Installed again, tried that. No go. Back to old OS.
I decided to try this one more time and then try installing GAPPS to see if that would work.
This time, by accident, I didn’t wipe the phone first, so when I booted up, it said “updating apps…”
But wait… this would mean that all my settings would still be there… hmm
So, I let it finish. Checked the camera… It worked!
One of the things that NE5 said was to wait a few minutes for things to “settle”, but I was anxious. WiFi didn’t work. Texting didn’t work. Ugh..
So went back to old OS.
For some reason, I wanted to give it one more shot.
Installed. Checked camera. Waited a few minutes. Checked text. Did not work. I thought, maybe this new “hangouts” wants me to switch to that instead of messaging. Started it up. I guess by that time, I was about 5 minutes in. The text went through, but WiFi was having issues. So, I turned off WiFi and tried to send a picture via MMS. That worked. Turned WiFi back on, looked like it was connecting… Finally!
Checked inet. Yep. Send MMS. Yep.
I was in business!
So, the thing with this is give it about 10 minutes for everything to be set up properly. Maybe even 20 for your apps to update over WiFi as well. Then test it.

The steps:
Install over your OS (obviously after backing it up)
Boot up
Walk away for 20 minutes.