David Sedaris’ C.O.G. 4 out of 5 stars

There are three types of entertainment. Things you like, things you hate and things you are indifferent about. The worst one of the three is the indifference. As an artist, if you’ve created something that invokes some type of emotion-either love or hate, then you have succeeded. If someone has forgotten they’ve seen your work, then you have failed at creating art.

I actually didn’t even know this movie existed until yesterday. I’m a big fan of David Sedaris’ work and just like most of his fans have been waiting for a movie version of his stories. I tried not reading any reviews while I was attempting to find this available online for watching. I ended up watching it through Amazon’s on demand video and actually paid for it. I figured some of the cash would go into David Sedaris’ pocket.

I didn’t know which story this was based on, so I was watching this movie with fresh eyes. Once he got to the guys trailer, I immediately remembered the story.

The movie is slow moving and without David’s narration all of the comedy is gone, so this was not a feel good movie. If someone who had not read David Sedaris’ stories watched this, I believe they would be very confused by the main character’s actions and reactions.

Growing up in Southern Baptist America, this kind of stuff hits too close to home. What you see in this movie is reality.

After watching the movie, I read a few of the reviews from other people who obviously did not read the stories. They were confused because there was no plot. So they gave this is a very low rating. I can see why.

I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars because it’s nice to see a visualization of one of his stories. The acting was okay. They show some beautiful landscapes of Oregon and the movie left me with some horrible feelings. Which means in the grand scheme of things that it touched me somehow. And in my definition of entertainment, the movie has succeeded.

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