Another Of My Product Designs – Berene Bedding

Let’s start with the name. Serene + Bedding = BERENE. I envisioned bedding with themes. A day at the beach… Circus… Racing… But here’s my idea:

Photo printed sheets, comforters and pillows that all match up to the theme.

The original design is a day at the beach… The sheets would be printed with sand and small shells. The comforter that would lay on top would be printed with ocean water with foam at the top. The pillows would be conch shells, beach balls, striped towels and starfish.

The next design I did was for a racing/car fan’s room… The sheets are printed grass, the comforter is a road/asphalt and the pillows are cones, tires and streetsigns.

I submitted this one to kickstarter and they declined it because it wasn’t someone making another indie album. Actually, they said that I had to “show my work”, which meant I had to submit drawings instead of a nice mockup with photoshop. They think their audience is so stupid that they would think it was a finished product. Even with the words “mock up” smeared across them. I am trying to show that it would be printed with photorealistic scenes, so a pencil drawing is not going to show what I want to show. So, back to the drawing board… literally.

Here’s the mockup I did:

UPDATE: I have been trying to learn CAD to start having a nice visualization of my inventions/products. Here is my first attempt at creating the bed in Blender:

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