Defending Pop Stars

Even though I was very into pop stars as a teen, I don’t think I ever got offended when someone said something disparaging about them. I certainly didn’t try to defend them. I find it funny to see people in their 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s defending pop stars like they have a vested interest in them.

I read a simple story about how xtina is going back to the voice (don’t watch any shows like that), and in the midst of scrolling down the page, I saw all these comments about how shakira was better, the better singer, etc. The images of the people making these comments looked like they were in their 20’s. Come on.

Years ago, my favorite artist pissed me off when I was at one of their concerts. I vowed not to buy anything else of theirs. It was kind of easy to do, since the music had gone downhill quite a bit. Before that, I was happy being the only person (or so I thought) who listened to their music.

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