Allen Gregory – Why This Show Died

I went into this thinking that this was a step forward for the gay community – showing 2 gay parents and a smart kid. I had laughed at some of the previews, so I thought it was going to be quite funny. After watching the first episode (canceled after only 7), I realized why this was doomed from the start.

I got to the middle of the third episode and had a revelation that I had actually sat through more than 99.999% of the american public.

Here’s what I liked about the show:

-The Julie and Jeremy characters.

That’s it.

Here’s what I think made the show unwatchable.

I understand where they were going. They wanted a takeoff of Stewie from Family Guy, but in a metro setting. One of the issues: Stewie gets away with saying nasty things because he doesn’t look realistic. This show tried to make the characters look real-ish. The main character, Allen Gregory, was hard to look at, with the big head on the tiny body.

I also know they were trying to push a storyline of two gay men, one being a wealthy (but losing his fortune) sugar daddy and the other being a formerly married man (Jeremy) who was pushed into this relationship. The nastiness that comes from the sugar daddy and Allen is overbearing. They were trying to make him and Julie into the Meg character from Family Guy. Here, again, if the characters were drawn less realistic, this might have worked. There was talk of a sex tape between Allen and the Principal. Would have been funny if it was cartoony.

It took until the very end of the second episode before we saw humanity from the sugar daddy. I am afraid that it was too little, too late.

Then, in what appears to be a straight man’s view on the gay world in the third episode, it turns into a slam on gays pushing agendas. I have almost tuned out at this point and started writing this.

I will finish this third episode and if it wows me, then I will report back. Otherwise, sorry, Jonah Hill. I tried to like it.

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