Bucky Larson – Born To Be A Star – 4 stars! Yes! *4* stars!

I was giddy with excitement about this movie when I heard the plot a while back and I am a fan of Nick Swardson. He’s an original in a sea of clones. Everyone complains about how all of hollywood’s movies are all the same and here is one that stands out. Yes, I know the reviews were horrible. Yes, I know it probably didn’t make much money. I will try to provide my theory as to why…

The plot of the movie is this. The mentally challenged son of two 70’s porn stars goes to hollywood to try to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a porn star. Simple, eh?

Well, any time you have a movie strictly about the porn industry, you lose 50 percent of an audience. Even though conservatives try to say they don’t watch porn, they do. They just don’t want you to know about it. Why do you think so many get caught in scandals?

The “Bucky Larson” image was very low budget looking. The wig and fake teeth were a little distracting, but I understand why it was chosen. When I started watching, it took a few minutes to get past his looks.

Once you got past the look, it was like watching Spongebob gets dirty. THAT, to me, is funny!

If I have one criticism of this movie it’s that they didn’t go far enough. If you’re going to lose the conservative audience, anyway, you should really take it over the top. The “spunk” scenes should have been even spunkier. A flood of it!

What’s interesting is, I have seen so many typical movies that at certain points, I was trying to guess the next plot twist, BUT this movie didn’t have the normal twists. Yes, it had the typical “he tries, fails and then miraculously succeeds” storyline, but told in a new way.

I was touched by the film at certain points and for that, I give it 4 stars.

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