Depressing Song Lyrics – Some Know How To Live

I wrote these this morning, not depressed or anything, just had some inspiration, I guess.

Some Know How To Live

Some know how to trust
You know how to lie
You’ve left and I don’t care to cry
Some know how to live

I know how to die
All that’s left is theĀ lonelinessĀ inside
Wasting away in this empty house
Got no one to give my roses to
I had someone who was all my world
Guess that someone made me a fool
I doubt you hear this song
Cause you no longer care
I gave my heart and love no less
Your selfish ways were too much to bear
I gave you a chance to mend our ties
You showed me that you hadn’t changed
Hope your life someday settles down
I’ll never forgive you for all this pain

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