NEW Absolutely Fabulous AbFab Episodes!

I was stoked to find out that there was a 20 year reunion episode of AbFab running last sunday night on BBCAmerica and Logo. I missed that airing, but I figured it would be on again later. I caught it and it appeared to be 2 actual episodes of Absolutely Fabulous! I am praying for a whole new season!

The first episode starts out like the old days-Edina in bed, being startled awake by alarms and Bubbles calling.

She winds up downstairs and you see that she actually has gained a little weight since we last saw her.Edina’s mother is there, and out of everyone, she actually looks younger than she did years ago!

Bubbles looks like she’s aged the most out of the cast, but it totally works for her character! Even more rubbery face!

Edina gets in her car and is driven to the prison where she’s picking up who we think is Patsy. SURPRISE! It’s Saphy!

When they get home, Patsy arrives and does fist bumps with Saph to our surprise, respecting her for being the “top dog” in prison. Saphy has actually lost weight, but looks about the same as she did.

The episode felt like old times. Even a really good Kardashian rip!

The characters learn Patsy’s true age and Pats becomes extremely wealthy.

The one thing that I thought that would have thrown this episode over the top was if they had gotten Lauren (Catherine Tate) to play the chav from prison. Can you see Eddy and Lauren going at it? It would have been HILARIOUS!

Second episode review coming…

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