Android Installed App Made Machine Stop Working

Kylin Chinese Tablet Android OS Stuck at red eye boot up screen.

Here is what I had to do to get the “red eye” to stop showing up on my machine. It took FOREVER to figure this out.

I installed a bootmanager that didn’t install well, and when I rebooted, the android device got stuck at the red eye screen.

Here’s what I would have done if I had know how to do this in the beginning.

You have to be able to use ADB and the SHELL and the device connected to your computer with a USB cable.

CMD for a command prompt

go to the android-sdk directory platform-tools where adb is located.

type in:

adb devices

and hit enter

your device should be listed there. If not, something’s wrong. Nothing will help you until you can see the device with ADB

now type in

adb logcat

and hit enter

this will show the last bits of what’s happening on your machine. Mine showed DEAD CODE blah blah Lcom\drx2\bootmanager blah blah DEAD CODE.

this command stopped my CMD screen from working but you need the messages listed there, so I would suggest opening another CMD prompt and going back to your adb.

now you need to make sure you can read and write to your system:

type in:

adb shell

and hit enter

type in:


and hit enter

look for /system in there and the weird word after it

# mount -o rw,remount -t {here should be the weird word after system in the list. mine was ubifs} /system

mine looked like this:

# mount -o rw,remount -t ubifs /system

now I went into the system folder. I came from DOS and this part was frustrating because I couldn’t find how to issue the commands on the net, so here are the commands I used:

cd \system

cd \..  (to go up a level)

rm (remove a file)

rmdir (remove a directory)

ls (like “dir” list of files)

So I went into \system:

cd \system

then into app:

cd \app

found the crappy file: com.drx2.bootmanager-1.apk listed there.

rm com.drx2.bootmanager-1.apk   (this removed the file)

now, I went back up to the top level:

cd \..

and after some searching, I looked in the data directory

cd \data

there was a directory com.drx2.bootmanager listed

I went into that and there was just a lib directory. So while I was there, I deleted the lib directory:

rmdir lib


cd \..

rmdir com.drx2.bootmanager

removed that directory and thought I would try a reboot.


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