Why The Postal Service Is Going Under And How To Save It

I just read the reasoning behind why the postal service is going under:




Obviously, they need to take away future benefits to assist in the here and now. Would those people working at the USPS rather be unemployed and lose all their benefits or employed?

And here’s MY 2 cents…

The government should set up an OFFICIAL email service directly from the post office. Here’s what I am thinking:

You will sign up for the post office’s email service by providing 2 forms of I.D. that will be kept on file. This means that this is an “Official” email address. The only mail that comes in has to come from a legitimate source, which means a temporary or permanent password is given to the sender to put in the subject line. You will be able to have only one address with the USPS, it will be linked to your social security number. That means that you would be able to vote using this email.

Any official business with the government MUST be sent to and from this address. Tax forms, government student education loan information, etc. can all be sent. The government would sell advertising (like they sell delivery for junk mail) to tack on the end of any emails being delivered or sent. (Remember ads on AOL mail or juno?)

You would log into a spot on the net to get your mail. Signing in with your SS number, username, password. Triple protection from hacking.

Businesses could pay for “certified” mail being sent to this address. If you log in and you have a certified email, you must open it before doing anything else. Notification is sent to sender.

If a user wants a hard copy of the email, they can pay for it to be delivered.

NEW PEOPLE should be hired to sign up people for this service. The current employees may allow things to slip through….

Every six months, a review should be done of the people who signed up BY EMPLOYEES AT ANOTHER PART OF THE COUNTRY, making sure they were put in the system properly, that all their information is current and correct.

No one without a government-issued picture I.D. will be allowed to sign up. This makes sure that there is a face with the account.

This can spill outside of government stuff as well. Let’s say your creditors want your official email address. You would allow them to have that address and once it’s made a permanent sender, they could send you official mail.

When you have a permanent sender, it’s tied to their email address/I.P.address and passcode that you set up for them. Example: john@somecompany.com wants to send you weekly emails. You set it up by making john@somecompany put the passcode in the subject line. You can change these settings, allowing only once, always allow, or allow until finished. There will be buttons at the top of the email that says “finished”, “allow once”, “always allow”.

The email console on the site will have ads like any other site that the USPS will make money off of.

So the money comes from:

ads on site
ads tacked onto email
certified/confirmed email
hard copy and delivered
government voting-paid for by campaigners-a percentage of what they raised.

Banks MUST use these addresses for customers.

VOTERS MUST use these email addresses. You will NOT be allowed to vote without it (and it must be valid).

Government voting will pay to have these emails delivered as certified. If you live in the district that’s voting, you must either cast a vote or click the “not voting” or “vote later” button(expires within a certain time). Since this is tied to your SS#, you will not be allowed to vote after clicking “not voting” or you cast your vote.

I see this as the same thing the record companies had to do to stay in business. Change with the times. No one has an official, lifetime email address at this point, and this will solve that.

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