American Cell Phones… There Are None. My USACell Phone Factory Idea

As part of my quest to assist this country, I went looking for a cell phone that was made in the USA.


The closest thing I found was a rumor of something canadian.

So, I am proposing opening a cell phone manufacturing company here. The one stipulation would be absolutely NO UNIONS. If you look at the mess at the automobile manufacturers here in the US, you will see that they were brought down by unions. Someone was getting paid 3 times the national average salary to work at the car maker because of the union.

The way that businesses run and become better and more profitable is by having employees doing a good job out of fear of being fired if they don’t do well. That’s the american way. You suck at your job, you should be fired.

My new cell phone manufacturing company needs to start out with figuring out where the market is going. How about an android touch screen phone?

In my research for phones, I found out that my HTC HD2 was still considered one of the best phones on the market. Big screen, decent processor and I even switched the OS to android. Let’s start there.

Make it a larger screen (the HD2 is 4.3 inches, so let’s make it 4.5). Android, of course. I know, I know. I have always been very pro-microsoft, but open source will be better. It should be around $50/month for unlimited service that is provided by the government. That means that ALL cell providers MUST allow this phone to use its networks. That way, if you’re not getting an AT&T tower, it will automatically switch to T-Mobiles, etc.

This phone will have user-interchangeable parts. A new, upgraded camera is out? Buy it, open your phone, remove old camera, insert new one. Need more memory? Just like a computer, install and done! Screen cracked? Buy a new one and replace. This model has served the computer industry well for 20 years.

The factory should be close to where they make the chips, so I would guess California. Northern California.

I am thinking it should have an interesting name…. but nothing ethnic or cute. USCellA? People would refer to it as “Cella”. Or maybe even get away from the “cellular” part. Something with “digital” as part of the name.

This will open up other retailers as well, making parts for the phone that are high-end or specialized. The cases could be made here as well.

Where is my government grant to get this open? 🙂

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