Video Games-unlock all levels!

Ok, so I play online a few games. I like the Wii because I like cutesy games like Mario. Here’s what I have been thinking about, though. If you buy a game for $50, and you can’t get through the first 5 minutes of the game, is that just $50 blown out of the window? Shouldn’t you have access to ALL the levels, all the bonus games, all of the items that you have to “unlock” while playing? If you bought a candy bar and had to solve a puzzle before opening it and couldn’t, would you ask for your money back? If you order lobster and can’t get the shell cracked, do you ask for a refund? (Does it sound like I’m hungry?)

I have Animal Crossing City Folk and I don’t have days to play this to gain a rug. I paid $40 for that rug! Give me the rug!

So I propose an uprising. Please join me in spreading the word.

ALL video game creators should be required to put code in that allows full access to ALL areas, levels, items, etc.

Where’s the old game genie for Wii????

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