Lady Gaga… 2nd chance

Ok, so here’s my Lady Gaga story.

I saw her I guess it was sometime early last year on NEWNOWNEXT or the CLICKLIST on LOGO. She had absolutely no personality, and just wanted fame for fame sake. I was instantly turned off. I heard “Just Dance” on the radio at work over and over and over and over and it made me want to scream.

A few weeks back, I saw that she was going to be on a talk show on the BBC and decided to see if she had gotten some kind of personality, and she was very quiet, barely answered questions, had nothing really interesting to say, had a cup of tea in her hand the whole time and couldn’t hold a conversation. So, I deleted the saved recording.

I happened to be AOL’s music page a couple of weeks ago and saw that she did an acoustic version of Poker Face. Now, I had heard the song enough to question whether it would sound weird being done acoustically. So I clicked on it.

The first thing that I noticed was that she was playing the piano. So far, so good. The next thing-she actually had a GREAT VOICE! I was shocked. Her vocals on the recordings sound weak compared to what I heard on this acoustic version. I loved this so much that I wanted to hear the studio version again. Then, she started playing the piano with her foot-and you know how eccentric-oriented I am.

So I have listed to Poker Face Acoustic a couple of times since, not really going out of my way, though…


I caught the VMA performance of Paparazzi.


This was a VMA classic performance.  Her voice sounds amazing LIVE!  There are very few artists who sound as good, let alone BETTER than they do in the studio. Lady Gaga is one! The theatrics, the talent, everything was spot on!

So, I had to get the Fame album, which I will listen to tomorrow. From the 4 songs I have listened to, I know it’s a good one. While I was downloading it, I checked out a couple of videos on youtube and found one where she was being interviewed and actually gave credit to the people around her-the Haus of Gaga for her styles/videos/looks. That was the kicker. Someone who can actually admit that they have help is a great person in my book. She even said that her style is influenced by other styles. Way to go LG!

Ok, so the foot on the piano was done by Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis in the 50s… at least she knows she isn’t original!

But, is anything really original?

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