Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince… ugh

I took a friend to the midnight showing because I was all worked up about seeing the film. He had never really sat through an entire HP movie, so he didn’t understand why I was fuming at the end. The movie was crap. There were very few special effects, the story seemed to jump around too much and of course, it didn’t follow the book very well.

He, seeing this through new eyes, just thought it was an OK film.

So I started my mission of making him see why I hated this movie so much. I downloaded every HP film and we are in the midst of watching them-one a night. He found the first one good, the second one he liked, the third one he LOVED. That’s where we’re at so far. He sees now why I found this last movie total garbage. He and I are both loving the special effects-I had forgotten about Dobby-whom I loved!

So, now we have 2 more movies to watch until I get the last one to show him again.

It’s a shame. I should have asked for my money back.

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