Owning Dogs Decreases Your Home Value

So, even though this is titled “..dogs..”, this is for any pet that you have to clean up after.

When thinking about your home’s value and keeping it up, you have to refrain from getting a dog. Dogs decrease your home’s value immensely. Imagine you are the buyer, looking for a home. You walk in and it has a smell that the owner has gotten used to. Immediately, you have a negative reaction.

People only get dogs for one (or more) of three reasons. BDL is the term I use and it stands for Bored, Desperate, Lonely. Any reason that you have for getting a dog falls under one of these categories.

“Awww… they are so cute!”
“They help me get exercise.”

“They will alert me to an intruder” (desperate for security)
“They will help me meet someone”
“It is for the kids” (to entertain them, and then you inherit the animal)
“People will love this animal and stop me so they can pet it” (attention)

“It is a companion”
“Since my children left…”

Here are the ways owning dogs decreases the value:

  1. Your lawn. If the dog is outside, it will urinate and/or poop on your lawn. If you have a home and take your dog to a neighbor’s property to let them poop, even if you “clean it up”, you are being a bad neighbor.
  2. Your dog stinks. You have gotten used to it, but anyone else will smell it. It pees. It poops. It doesn’t clean itself like a cat.
  3. Allergens. More and more people are becoming sensitive to allergens and when viewing a home, you are bombarding them with your dog’s dander.
  4. Noise. Your neighborhood’s value decreases when your dog barks. No one wants to hear it.
  5. Racist. Your ugly dog breed may be cute to you, but there are breeds that people don’t want to be associated with. The next owners will be asked about your toothless, barking, vicious dog.
  6. Lazy. One day, you will get tired or sick and your dog won’t be able to hold it until you can accommodate. They will mess up your carpet or hardwood floors.
  7. Jumping. Is your dog jumping on people’s legs? Not cute.
  8. Urination. Are you letting your dog pee on neighborhood plants/bushes/hydrants/lampposts? Ass.

UNlike the lemming who jumped off the cliff behind the others, you don’t have to have a dog. Find something else to occupy your time and money!