Rilakkuma and Kaoru – Netflix

By chance, Netflix presented me the option of watching Rilakkuma and Kaoru. I wanted something light and I love stop motion animation, so this seemed like a great way to spend a few hours. After finishing the last episode, I had to question who the target audience was for this. It’s far too dark in places for little kids, far too slow for older kids, depressing, funny, weird and spell-binding. I loved it because the entire time the thing that got me was the unexpected darkness. “Kick him!” and “I am garbage” being the two incidents that really made me question the target audience. The main character’s mother calls her one day and tells her that she is worthless. I truly enjoyed this as I am always looking for something new and unusual. Did I mention she was horny and fantasizing about guys-manipulating one so that he would show up at her door? Oh, and the neighbor’s son kidnaps one of the bears. Truly a masterpiece in the unexpected!