Emoji Movie. Yes. *That* movie.

I was initially disgusted by the thought of a movie about emojis and could not fathom that it would even be slightly interesting. Boy, was I wrong.

I admit it. I watched this movie. I initially started watching to zone out, thinking it would just be colorful. Within minutes, though, I was sucked in. Enough so that zoning out wasn’t an option. I recognized the “undertone” within minutes, had to check on my theory, and yes, I was correct. The reason that people who actually saw this movie hated it was because of this undertone. Nothing else in the movie causes that much rage in people.

They raged against it because it resonates with the gay community.

The movie is about “being yourself” and even went so far as to use the words “reprogram”, which, in this context, is about changing the main character’s nature. Wow.

This didn’t have the Disney ending of guy gets girl. Even better. Guy is happy. Girl is happy. No stereotypes allowed.

After watching the movie, I read an interview with the director, and the movie is a mirror on his life.