PresiDonald – my new idea for a novel

What if the government had as much to gain from his Presidency? Here is the start of an idea for a novel:

Two sets of fingers tap on desks in two completely different places. Two men in each room ponder their fates. “How do we fix this?”, both men ask at the same time. “Give me a minute,” their cooperatives both respond, “I think I have something…”

One of these men has been a property mogul for years. A paranoid, infantile man who, because of perceived wealth, never had to learn basic skills. His father made the money and he then capitalized on it. Now, under scrutiny of numerous lawsuits and government spyglass due to becoming so powerful and crafty, he needs protection. Not only for himself, but his family and money as well.

His counterpart in this scenario is a member of the government. His task has been to “relieve” that man of some of his power. But how? If taken away blatantly, there may be an uprising.
The co-conspirators both say at the same time:

“What about becoming the President of the United States?”


The lightbulbs began to crackle away. If he became President, the government could uncover all of this man’s assets and power and keep a reign on him. If President, he would receive government funding for security and make even more money.

Both have something to gain from this venture. Both are unaware of the other’s intentions.