ZC01 / Z01 – Smartwatch Android 5.1 – Custom Watch Faces With WatchSquare

Below are the notes on the ZC01 / Z01 smartwatch that I found while using it (start of a manual?). I wanted to change the watch face to something more personalized, but couldn’t find anything in the play store that suited what I needed. So, I wrote an app.

I call it WatchSquare. Since I just wrote this for my own needs, I figured that if I get some sales, I could enhance the watch with more features and make it available for other models. I haven’t tested it with any other devices.


Try it out and let me know if it works on yours!

Notes on the ZC01 Android 5.1 smartwatch:

If you go into recovery mode, the screen will be blank.

If you accidentally go into bootloader mode, it will be in all chinese. I found that the last option (scroll down with back key and select with power button) is to reboot back to normal mode.
The first option looked like it went through hardware testing that took forever.

I wanted to root the watch:
Kingoroot – OEM unlock bootloader (then reboot), unlock again each time you try to root | takes 20+ tries superuser finally shows up when done.

bootloader brings up fastboot mode (fastboot devices | fastboot reboot)