3D 360 VR Video – Finally Made One! Warning!

I finally got youtube to show my file in 360 3D!

I got 2 360 cams, a selfie stick with space for 2 cameras and thought it would be an easy task to figure out how to make and upload a video to youtube in not only 360, but 3D as well. Wrong!

Since the technology is so new, there are not a lot of posts that explain how to make these videos. After 2 days of trial and error, I finally watched my video in 3D with my VRBox2, streaming from youtube in high definition (sort of).

Here is my first attempt at a 360 3D video walking to the ocean at Delray Beach, FL. (WARNING – It will probably give you a headache! Jittery, can see the cameras, etc.) To watch in cardboard or a VR app, click here.