Wonder Woman Slot Machine Hollywood Hard Rock

I had almost given up on the new Wonder Woman Wild or Wonder Woman Gold slot machines ever making it to South Florida. I was watching someone play on youtube and thought I would check Hard Rock Hollywood, FL’s website to see if they list all the slot machines they have. Luckily, they list the new machines and at the bottom of the list, there was Wonder Woman! Within 5 minutes, I was dressed and out the door!
When I arrived in the casino, I walked around, seeing if I would see the big sign above the multiple cluster of machines and hear the theme song. No luck. I finally asked an employee at the table games and she needed to call someone, who told her where it would be.
She was nice enough to walk me over to the area, and the clouds parted, angels sang. No one was using it, so I didn’t have to push anyone away. There was only one. I sat down, put my twenty in….
I will have to say that this machine did not have a lot of action. I was worried that I was not even going to get the bonus before I ran out of money. Luckily, Lynda Carter saw my sadness and it forced the bonus, which was even better because it felt like she was “protecting me”. LOL
There are three choices when you get to the bonus on Wonder Woman Wild. 8 spins with 60 more wilds added to the reels, 16 spins with 40 extra wilds and 25 spins with 25 wilds. I chose the middle one this time. It paid out around 15 bucks. Meh. But during the bonus, I found that this was when the theme song was on a loop and, if you’re like me, you LOVE the theme. It is the perfect mix of disco, tv and drama. So the next time I got the bonus, I chose the 25 spins to drag the theme out. When anything hits on a line, of course it goes through showing you what hit, which can drag the theme song out for a while.
The payout was not enough to continue to play for long periods. Had I not been a big fan of WW, I would have given up very soon.
What really paid out was the almost full screen of wilds during regular play. I am a reel stopper, so I attempted that and it was horrible for a while. But a few times, the screen would fill up with wilds and it really paid out then.

Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the driving bass during regular play. It really took me back to the 70s!
If you are not a huge fan, after a while, you may become bored with this. It didn’t really have much going on, sorry to say.
Here are directions to where the machine was located on 1/25/2015:
The hallway in front of HardRock Cafe, the machine faces out, the first machine in the corner.