Android Lollipop 5.02 Multiple User Settings Missing FIX

I am trying out android 5.02 lollipop on my SGH-I317 and I could not find the USERS settings. It was missing. Why? I found out that some ROMs only support one user. You can change this if you have “su” access to your rooted phone.
Obviously, back up your device before trying anything.
Check to see if you have just 1 user supported:
Play store.
Terminal Emulator
Type in su
Type in pm get-max-users

If it says 1,then you can do the following:
(Substituting the 8 below with the number of users you want…)

setprop fw.max_users 8
pm create-user usernameyouwanthere

Now users will show up under settings/device. The article that I got this information from mentioned steps to get this to stick, so I will assume that once you reboot, it may go back to 1 user. I rebooted and it kept my user settings.

When you go to settings/user, then press the menu button, there is a check box that says “add users when device…” and I cannot see the rest of the message. I will assume that this means when device reboots? I left it unchecked and it maintained my user settings, so not sure what that check box is for.

[UPDATE: The message supposedly reads “add users when device is locked”. Per google, this means that when you lock the device, you can create a new user to use the device. I don’t think I will be using that feature. ]

If needed, you will have to use adb to get this change to be permanent, as terminal emulator did not work for this on my device.

adb shell
mount -o rw,remount /system
echo fw.max_users=4 >> build.prop
adb reboot (or reboot the device however you want)

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