New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Continuing my tradition of finding great things that are a little bit older, I have recently stumbled across the New Mickey Mouse cartoons on youtube. One of them popped up in the middle of something I was watching as a 3 minute commercial, and I thought it was actually an old Mickey Mouse cartoon until I realized there was a reference to something very modern in it. This particular cartoon made me laugh out loud which I have found very difficult to find that reaction in recent cartoons.

This had very adult humor themes which was shocking for a Disney Mickey Mouse cartoon and that’s what made me laugh. I started watching more of these particular shorts and found them┬áhilarious. As pictured below this is a shot of Mickey mouses nose in someone’s tighty whitie clad crack. This shot hearkened back to old Ren and Stimpy cartoons where you would see an extreme closeup of something extremely gross. Check it out:

Cable Car Chaos _ A Mickey Mouse Cartoon _ Disney Shows - YouTube


Here’s the whole cartoon:

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