American Horror Story – Freakshow Season 4

I am excited for another season of American Horror Story! Just like last time, I am doubting the storyline before the show starts. I was pleasantly surprised, though, last season. AHS has been steadily providing good writing along with fantastic actors. So, I will stop biting my nails and hope this season is even better!

Freakshow plays upon the general public’s fear of anything out of the ordinary. After thinking about that statement, though, I need to either retract it or qualify it by age/generation. I think the youth of today are immune to shock value because of the 80s generation’s efforts to make the world more tolerant. The advent of the internet as entertainment media and the raw/uncensored underbelly makes us ambivalent to the unusual. We get to see things that gross us out or make us cry in a matter of seconds. So it is no longer “that is too gross to see” and it has become “oh, I saw that yesterday – I need a bigger and better shock today”.

So, AHS Freakshow supposedly takes place in Jupiter, FL and we are supposed to be horrified at a woman with three breasts or a woman who has a beard. This is why I am doubting the show. But I know they will come through. Until it starts on October 8th, enjoy this image… which actually made me take notice! Good job AHS!