Elton John Letter For Sale

20 years ago, Elton John “came out” as being gay. I was 23 and wrote a long, personal letter, thanking him for providing a positive role model and explaining my struggle to make it in the music business while living in a small town. I had heard he had a home in Buckhead, which is a section of Atlanta. So, I addressed the letter to him with only Buckhead as the street address. Somehow the letter got to him and he actually wrote back.
In the letter, he responds to my questions and comments that he has no regrets other than hurting people while abusing substances. He gives me some advice -get out of the small town- and wishes me love and luck.
Well, the time has come for me to pare down my belongings. I expect this handwritten letter to fetch six figures. Therefore,I took it to a autograph dealer and had them verify the authenticity and provide a certificate.
It was written on Elton John AIDS Foundation stationery and comes with the hand-written addressed envelope.
Serious inquiries only, please. You can barely find autographs from Elton on ebay, let alone a full handwritten letter!
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