American Horror Story:Coven

I was going to wait until the end of the season to write about American Horror Story:Coven, but I decided to split this up, since there’s a break in the story due to Thanksgiving.

After they wrote last season targeted directly at me, I couldn’t imagine how they could top it. I had seen some of the previews and read about the storyline and was torn. Was this going to be a cheesy Halloween witch story? Then to have it set in New Orleans. Ugh. Well,

I am in love with Jessica’s acting skills, so I gave it a shot. Then when the first episode came on and Angela Bassett was there, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get past the Tina Turner character that I have associated with her.

I like period pieces, so when Kathy Bates showed up on screen in that dress, I started to have a change of heart about the new series

This season seems to have two types of episodes. One that is exciting and riveting and one that moves the story along.

Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode is just like the previous season. You hate her in one episode and then love her the next! Even her skills as a witch does not help the ravages of time. You see her brilliant acting skills over and over.

I will preface my next comment with my take on art again… if art makes you love it or hate it, then it has invoked some type of emotion. Therefore, it is a success. If art is forgettable, then it is not art. With that being said, Lily Rabe, whose character I hated in the last season (because I was supposed to), plays a soft hearted (so far) wood nymph-esque innocent witch from the swamps. Every time she comes on screen, Stevie Nicks sings. Beautiful story with her!

I will have to say that I was rolling my eyes when the zombie things started happening, but it actually moved the storyline.

I will wait until the end of the series to give it an overall judgement but for now I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next Jessica Langue snappy remark!

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