Temple Run 2 – Great Game, but…

So I got really good at Temple Run 1 right before Temple Run 2 came out. I read the reviews before downloading and saw that a lot of people were having issues with the tilting. I downloaded it and tried it out. My first impression was the nice rolling landscape (wish I could watch someone else play it so I could take in all the scenery!). I immediately saw what people were talking about with the tilting. You literally had to tilt it a long way.

I took that as a challenge and stuck with it. I was unlocking stuff all over the place and going through the tasks and then one day it hung up at the zooming in screen. I could hear the beast roar, but never started running. Then, I started getting some weird glitches.

At one point in the mine, I tilted too far and the whole screen turned upside down, was entirely black except for me in the mine cart – which was still rolling along. I was racking up some major mileage by just holding still. Then, the screen flipped back upright. Still going without any landscape. Still completely black, but I could see the points adding up. The monster then jumped on me. Aww… only 2 million points from that! 🙂

Then a couple of days later, I open the game and it wanted me to go through the training tutorial. Huh? I did it, thinking that I must have chosen the main guy again (after playing with Karma Lee). Then when I died, I went to the options to choose Karma again and she was locked! All my coins were gone. Everything was reset.

I saw that there was an update available so I downloaded it, thinking it was going to give me back my stuff, but it didn’t.

So, I would say download the game and back it up every day if you’re serious.

The rolling landscape was a nice change from Temple Run 1. Once you hit around the million mark, though, some of the things you have to jump over are placed so you cannot avoid dying (like three things back to back). I understand random code, but there also has to be fail-safes.


The fire is closer than it appears. If you try jumping it, do it early.

Coin magnet doesn’t last long enough to really rack up coins like in Temple Run 1.

If you come to the broken path area, try jumping immediately and then tilt to get on the edge where it’s safe. The tilt feature is hard, so jumping gives you time to tilt.

Get some kind of app backup (Titanium) to save your progress.

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