The Lorax – Review – 1 Star

I would like to think of myself as quite open minded when it comes to cartoons. I grew up reading Dr. Suess books and liked the “out there” style. I wanted to see the Lorax in 3D at the movies, but I have been so disappointed with movies that I rarely go to the theater to see them. I decided to wait until it came out on 3D Blu-Ray so I could watch it in comfort.
I started it and immediately liked the visuals and the 3D was really nice. About 10 minutes in, though, I had already paused it. Bad sign.
It was very slow moving and the “evil” character was difficult to look at. Not because of an emotional response, but one of “What were they thinking?” I think I paused the movie about 4 times in total just to get through it.
The musical numbers were very numbing and I think I might have chuckled twice. Danny Devito as the Lorax’s voice was a choice based on height. Weird. It was difficult to feel pity for him with this voice.
If this was on television and you needed something to go to sleep to, I would say watch it. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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