American Horror Story – Asylum

I very rarely watch continuing television shows, but last year, one caught my eye. American Horror Story. I tend to like the “unusual” and it looked unusual. I watched one episode and was hooked. Too bad at the end of the season it took a typical “everybody dies” turn. I wondered aloud how on earth they could have a season two.

Seeing the previews for season two, I could have sworn that the creators looked in my head. Abandoned insane asylum, nuns, general weirdness… Couldn’t wait!

The first episode was great. Jessica Langue is superb in this role, and in an interesting continuation- she is the operator of an insane asylum – from the last season as the mother of a child with down syndrome. I find the writing for her character amazing. You wonder if she is delusional in thinking she’s doing the right thing, or if she is actually evil and extremely manipulative.

I am also loving the re-use of the actors. This is what theater(tv) is all about. The acting. So, check out American Horror Story – Asylum on Wednesday nights at 10pm.

In an off-topic suggestion:
One thing I would like to say is that instead of seeing a movie based on who is in it, you should see movies based on the story. Check out independent films that don’t have disney-esque endings. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind should be your first start.

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