La Roux – In For The Kill

I desperately try not to listen to new music because it all “sounds like shit” (see South Park), so sometimes I miss a gem. Actually, the reason I “found” this song was I heard it while shopping. It’s screechy and 80’s and has a good, simple hook. As soon as I got home, I looked up the “going in for the kill” lyric and found La Roux. I had heard of her a while back, but didn’t like whatever song I heard back then, so I wrote her off.

This video was done in 2009, so I am jamming to a 2-year-old song. For some reason, they thought that this video wasn’t suitable for USA listeners, so they made another one that wasn’t as 80’s and artsy. I like this one better, of course:

I kind of like this delayed music finding. It makes it cheaper if I need to buy it. Maybe she would need a dollar 2 years later. Also, people have time to make remixes.

Here’s the US version of the video:

And here are the lyrics to sing along: (make sure you scream all the lyrics)

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