Billy West… Didn’t realize how much of a fan I truly was!

If you’re old enough, you should remember Ren & Stimpy and should know that Billy West was the voice of Stimpy. That was my introduction to Billy West and his amazing talents. Check out the song “Ren’s Pecs” if you want to know just how talented he is! Anyway, about 2 years ago, I stumbled across the Oblongs and recognized Billy West’s voice and was pleased to learn that the producers called the show the “Billy West Show”. The DVD extras showed Billy and it was nice to put another face to the voice. (Other than Stimpy’s)

I watch a lot of cartoons, so I found out he had also put some vocals on Rocko’s Modern Life. Still didn’t pull up his info on, though. I kind of like the surprises I am getting. I love Futurama, and did indeed recognize Billy as Phillip J. Fry.

Nickelodeon is airing 90’s shows like Clarissa Explains It All (modern version:Ned’s Declassified) and Doug (which is now called Disney’s Doug and the VERY similar modern version is Diary of a Whimpy Kid!!!) and I have been DVR’ing the Doug episodes, since I liked them so much back in the day. I saw the info for the show and ran across Billy West’s name! He was the voice of Doug! No wonder I liked him!

Does anyone know if he was at Comic-con? I am truly going to be there next year!

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