Bing And Yahoo… Microsoft Didn’t Buy Yahoo, Did They?

I have been noticing that the searches I do on Bing come up with the exact… and I do mean EXACT same results as Yahoo. I know Microsoft wanted to buy them, but I think what they’re doing is trying to just phase them out. They are taking Yahoo’s search results and presenting them in a more aesthetically pleasing method. This has always been MS’s forte, actually. They make the product better.

If you watch infomercials, you see products that are at the dollar store being repackaged and sold for a higher price. All you need is a good hook. Take for instance that acrylic ball. The commercial makes the ball look like it can float, but it’s really just a clear acrylic ball. They have someone play with it like David Bowie in Labyrinth and people buy it for what? $20?

When I first saw the commercial, I almost bought one for my nephew, thinking it was a new technology. I did some research and found out it was just a ball.

Anyway, I think MS is trying to devalue Yahoo so that they can buy it for pennies on the dollar. You have to admire their business savvy, even if you hate them. I personally like big business, hoping that I could have that type of success. If you open a mom and pop store and don’t want to make any money, then you can criticize big business. If you advertise and want your business to grow, then even on a small scale, you are following big business’ plan. When you open a business, you are taking away customers from other shops. So, is a mom and pop store the same evil as WalMart?

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