Wizard Of Oz Slot Machines

Ok, I am not addicted.


I love the Wizard Of Oz slot machines! The first one I saw was in Vegas. These are very high-tech machines with chairs that have surround sound built in, and the seats almost vibrate. I read somewhere that they cost around $100,000 each.

There are several versions:

On one of the machines, you have flying monkey bonus, an emerald city bonus, and Glinda comes up and makes some of the reels wild. To get this machine to do the bonus stuff consistently, you have to play 30 lines.

Another machine has bonus character reels. It’s called Ruby Slippers. I like this one the best-it’s very colorful and there’s lots of video mixed in. To get this machine to do anything, they want you to play 40 lines.

There are also several variations that have actual reels, but the glass in front has video, so this one is interesting because of the mixed media. The minimum bet on these is 40 cents. You get 40 lines, though.

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