Donkey Kong Solitare-My Own Invention

In the 80’s, I came up with a version of solitare that had a Donkey Kong theme.

Donkey Kong Solitare By

Donkey Kong Solitare By

Here’s how you play:

2 levels of difficulty:

2 Decks of cards (EASY)
1 Deck of cards (DIFFICULT)

(with or without jokers)

Shuffle, place four cards face-up across the table directly in front of you. Place a fifth card at the end of the row, but higher up. Let’s see if I can draw it out…




Start the next row of four going backwards from that fifth card.




At the end of that fourth card, put one down a little higher, then four to the right, one higher, etc. until you have 5 rows of cards.

Put one extra out to the side, face up (as all the other ones were)-that’s Donkey Kong. Then put one beside him FACE DOWN-that’s the Princess/Girl/Guy/Whatever you’re trying to save. If you beat Dk, then you can turn over the Princess and see how many points you got for that game.

So, the object is to “climb” to the top. You do this by:

Taking the top card from the pile you have left. Start at your bottom left and compare it to the first card. If your card is higher, then move to the next card, if it’s higher, continue on, when you get to the fifth card, you start heading back the other way. If your card is LOWER OR THE SAME, then you put your lower card over(on top of) the higher card and then get the next card from the deck and start over at the bottom.

If you pull a joker, that’s 100 extra points if you complete the game. Put those cards face up on the side.

If there’s a joker on the “board”, then that’s a free space-any card can go past. An Ace counts as a “1”.

If you get to the top, and put a card on top of Donkey Kong, you have won. Turn the face-down card over and multiply it times 100. (example: 5×100=500 Qx100=1000 Ax100=100) Add up how many jokers and multiply times 100 and add to your score.

Donkey Kong Solitare By

Donkey Kong Solitare By

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