FREE MS office replacement software thoughts

I play cards with a couple of people and have used Microsoft Excel to keep score. (After programming it) This time, I was using a different machine that didn’t have MS Office on it, so I needed a spreadsheet program. I remembered supposedly being compatible with Office, so I decided to try it out. The download took a couple of minutes and the install about a minute. (I only installed Calc (spreadsheets)¬†and the word processor.) I started Calc and it looked very similar to Excel. I started creating the function to add up the columns and within a minute had it done.

I haven’t tried the word processor, yet, but will let you know how that is as well. But it looks like Word 2003.

If you’re not doing intense stuff and need something for home, this is the way to go.

I would suggest this for people who don’t want to shell out the cash for Office (even though I am a MS fan!). I have a legit copy of office 2003, so I use that to this day and don’t plan on upgrading. If it’s not broken….

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