New Weird Cigarette… Eclipse made by RJR

I just tried a new cigarette called Eclipse. (regular and menthol-CVS-dark blue or green box-made by RJR)

When I opened the pack, it had instructions on how to light it. I thought “that’s weird-are they marketing this to kids?” I took one out and it said to light it like a cigar-steady fire and four long puffs. The first thing I noticed was no smoke coming off the cigarette itself, just when I puffed. And there was a LOT of smoke in my mouth. But no secondhand smoke!

Also, the tip is lit and burning, but it doesn’t burn down. You don’t even have to “flick” the ashes off. You can hold this in your mouth and there’s no smoke from the tip to get in your eyes or smoke up a room.

You can see the inside of the cigarette burning, through a hole in the middle, but the paper doesn’t burn.

The paper inside says there’s no odor, so it doesn’t smell up your house, hair or clothes.

I lit one at the same time someone else lit his and it lasted exactly as long. I could tell it was going out by less smoke coming out when I puffed.

It works by heating the tobacco, rather than burning it. The filter stays cool, but the rest of the cigarette was very warm.

Try this!

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