Huawei M750 MetroPCS phone-no drivers!

I just got a new phone-a Huawei M750 phone from MetroPCS and it came with a USB cable, but no drivers, no software, no indication for usage with Windows… If you’re looking at buying this phone, be informed that it doesn’t work with Windows.

I found some drivers on Huawei’s site, but it still doesn’t function with MetroPCS’ phone. Tech support at MetroPCS told me that they don’t have the drivers, and were not interested in trying to find them.


Still no drivers, no help… and the web browsing on this phone is extremely limited. Don’t expect to do anything more than directions on mapquest. Sites won’t open because the phone says that it’s too big. DO NOT get this phone if you want to do anything more than phone and text. Wallpapers, ringtones and games all cost money on this phone. I figure that this is the reason they don’t want to give us drivers for the phone-we’ll be able to customize it without their cut.


  1. i also am having the exact same problem. metro is no help whatsoever, and to boot, the retailers at the store where i bought the phone think i am stupid. why have a phone with a computer connectivity cable and not supply the driver? this is shit. its like giving you an ice cream with no stick.
    every device i own that requires computer connectivity either comes with driver installed in the device or it is supplied with the device in disc. is this so hard to comprehend?
    metro pcs best get its apples in a row

  2. I had the same problem with the driver.
    But my husband figured it out.
    you have to have a memory card,
    then plug the phone to the usb and
    go to the settings from the phone and then
    turn usb mode on.
    then the computer recognizes it and you can add your music, pictures and I think everything else.

    XackPhobe’s Note:Thanks for the tip, hopefully someone will be able to use it-but I want access to more than the memory chip-I wanted to be able to install my own programs, etc. I finally got rid of this phone for something with Windows on it… I loved my pocketpc phones! I would still suggest anyone thinking they’re purchasing something great because it’s touchscreen and sleek needs to think again. Also, every time I have purchased something from MetroPCS at one of their mall kiosks, the salesperson has added on charges for things I didn’t get. Once AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon comes down to match MetroPCS prices, I will immediately switch back to a good carrier. Have you ever tried to get someone on the phone at Metro? They make you swim through several options before they give up and send you to an operator! Here’s a tip: give your passcode, then choose “My Account” and then say “something else”.


  3. Here’s a tip for people who want to get rid of this phone: Take the phone and box and accessories with you to the kiosk, find the new phone you want and turn around and say out loud, “Does anyone want this phone for $100?” I did this and the sales girl bought the phone from me on the spot. They might even take the phone to make some cash on the side.

  4. Just another rant on this phone-if you get internet access on it, it’s not the FULL internet. It’s a VERY scaled-down version. Some sites wouldn’t even load because the phone said the page was too big! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IF YOU WANT TO BROWSE THE WEB! (And don’t be part of the herd and get an iphone, either!)

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