If you are a non smoker, you don’t know how it feels to be addicted to cigarettes. I have quit smoking again (the second time this year) and realized why it’s so hard. It’s not the “having something to do with your hands” thing. When you’re a smoker, and you don’t smoke, you feel like you’re missing something. Missing a chance that you’ll never have to smoke again. That’s why we can take 2 puffs on a cigarette and then be ok. We didn’t miss that opportunity to light one up.
I had to quit smoking due to a bad cold, but it’s not like I am actually missing the cigarette thing. In fact, I have been wanting to quit to save some cash, among other reasons. I am not replacing cigs with food yet. We’ll see if that happens….

Smoking again. It happens whenever I go to Disneyworld. I want to smoke while there, for some reason.


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