I don’t have to hate Macs anymore.. I figured it out

I just figured out that a Mac is basically the equivalent to a video game system. Like a Wii. It’s very closed source, one OS for one hardware configuration.

Unless something is REALLY messed up, the Wii doesn’t crash or slow down or glitch-one OS for one machine. The only thing is, a Mac is useless in 6 months.

Windows is in another categoy altogether. It’s made for millions of different hardware and software configurations. Try doing that without having some issues. Windows is made for people who like choice and not being dictated to-free thinkers. You can choose the most expensive hardware or the cheapest. Software is the same way. Either you can choose the best on the market or the worst. You can run your windows machine for decades. I have a PC that I use for multimedia that I have had since 2001.

So, you cannot even compare Macs to PCs. They are totally different things.

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