Movie Review:Drag Me To Hell

Ok, I was ready for a good, old fashioned haunting movie… The previews were great! The movie… SUCKED!

Don’t waste your time seeing this-it has so much wrong with it that it isn’t worth even laughing over. I read the reviews after I saw it and laughed at the comments.

Acting: HORRIBLE-the lead woman must have had botox right before filming this. She had no facial expressions. If you were being slapped around by a demon, you might even have a concerned look at some point, but no. She whispered her lines in the most monotonous way possible. She was beaten up and then 5 minutes later she was ready to go out with a smile and a new dress on.

Script: HORRIBLE-This plot sounded great, a nice socio-economic statement to banks, and the potential for classic horror. Add in a talking goat, a handkerchief that attacks and squeals, and a hoe-down dancing possessed man and you have crossed over into stupidville. Someone said that if this gypsy woman was powerful enough to summon a demon, why couldn’t she summon a house payment? Also, what’s a gypsy woman doing living in one place for 30 years? Hello? Gypsy=no stable living environment.

Effects: HORRIBLE-popping out eyes from an anvil on the head? Come on! Puking bugs and embalming fluid into someone else’s mouth? Childish. A flying dishrag on the rag? Ridiculous! What’s funny about false teeth being taken in and out of someone’s mouth? Nothing.

Sound Effects: HORRIBLE! what? I said, HORRIBLE! Here’s what you get… bad plot and bad scares covered up by lots of loud sound effects.

If you liked this movie, you need to check into a mental ward. It was too horror to be campy, too funny to be horror, and not a good mix of the two. Only 12 year old boys would like this movie.

This proves that the ratings system is being manipulated by the studios on IMDB.

The one good thing about this is that I got quite a few chuckles from other reviews. Hairspray with John Travolta was another one that made me puke in my mouth and then the reviews made up for the wasted time watching the movie.


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