Justin Roiland – Rick & Morty

UPDATE: I have now just eaten all my words below. The latest episode closing the story with evil Morty/RPrime was excellent! This is how the show should be! I still think Justin was outed without good cause, but the show is now watchable.

I have decided not to watch the new Rick and Morty season based on the fact that the companies that fired him based on the charges have not hired him back at twice the salary due to the charges being dropped.

I tried to watch the new solar opposites and this left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don’t want to taint my love of Rick & Morty. I am sure the voice actor who is doing Korbo would be wonderful in any other role, but without Justin’s personal touch, these fall flat. And attempting to stutter the intro dialog, ” into the… Space” was irritating. Solar opposites feels like a knockoff of a knockoff now.

What these companies don’t realize is that it is not just the voice that made the characters, it was the way he spoke, the inflections and demeanor. I would be saying the same thing even if they hadn’t fired him and someone tried replacing the voice.

So, I guess this is

Goodbye Rick and Morty… feels like goodbye rick and Morty. Good… Bye…..

(until Justin is brought back)


I chose to watch the first episode to see how bad the new voices were and was actually pleasantly surprised. The new voices sound like a lower energy version of Justin’s voices, but almost exact. I watched for Justin’s name in the credits and they left it in, so I am less angry. I am assuming since dead characters are back, that we are watching a different Rick dimension.

They also made the episode about an intervention and it seems directed at Justin.

I still want Justin’s name cleared and it probably will be in time, just like anyone who is cancelled. Everyone moves on to another one.