I read a quote that said, “If you don’t show it, it can be erased.”

Immediately, that struck a chord with me. I have been holding on to invention ideas, game ideas and songs, poetry and philosophies for years, thinking that I didn’t want them to get “stolen” on the internet. A few years back, I released some of the songs and tried to get some of the inventions started on kickstarter-type sites. But I am not really a social media-type individual, so they didn’t go anywhere.

I have been considering posting the stuff here to at least have the waybackmachine index them for posterity, since we never know when the end is going to come. Covid has changed how a lot of people view life in general. I guess it has changed my perception as well.

So, I am going to trot down memory lane through my ideas and “stuff” and try to put them here as posts. Some of these things are inventions that I want to see made because I *want* them, myself, and couldn’t find them on the market.

Posts to come soon, hopefully.